Mind Guiding In Action

Creating a story to navigate emotions

Our ‘stories’  help us make sense of and remember our experiences in the world, and the messages that we embed in our personal stories can be compelling. 

A mother is helping her son strengthen his experiencing system. She is helping her son recall a critical moment – a moment when he was able to notice and handle his ‘scared feelings’ successfully. He is learning to encode this moment and create his own story.

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We can create and store stories that spotlight our strengths and successes or we can create and store stories that spotlight our weaknesses and challenges. 

Our stories tell us important things about ourselves and as we grow, our stories become our reality.  The beliefs we hold about ourselves are rooted in our stories. When a child learns to replace stored stories that spotlight weaknesses with new stories that spotlight their strengths they are able to change the beliefs they hold about themselves. 

The little boy in this video is learning to create a story that will enhance his feelings of personal agency and efficacy. 

By being able to recall and ‘story’ the challenging experience, and even more importantly his ability to manage the challenging experiences, this little boy is building his belief in himself to handle challenges. 

This little boy can now use his story of agency to help himself do something hard ‘in the future’. With time and targeted ‘mind guiding support from his mother,  this little boy can learn how to use his growing collection of ‘I did it” stories to strengthen the belief he has in his ability to ‘do hard things’.

Accepting the unpredictability of the future

By becoming comfortable with the unpredictable future, this student is learning to consider multiple future outcomes before they occur mentally.

The mother is helping her son begin to think about the future differently. She is helping him think about multiple possible future scenarios and rehearse the possible actions he could take should one of these scenarios arise.

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The little boy is also rehearsing how he might respond to one of these possible ‘future’ experiences. He is earning to prepare his body for the feelings he might have should he actually experience one of these situations.

The mother in this video is engaged in Mind Guiding. She is helping her son build the mental processes that will enable him to think about the future and automatically and unconsciously consider the different ways the future could possibly play out. 

Building and being able to use his mind to think about the future in this manner will help this little boy learn to manage the ‘I did not expect that’ moments he will inevitably experience in his life far more comfortably, successfully and most importantly, far more independently.