My son is being involved in Relationship Developmental Intervention (RDI) for almost 13 years. I credit RDI for helping him to become active and sociable individual he is today. I deeply believe in work that RDI consultants are doing helping to support families with children on a spectrum. 

We started working with Wendy and Kristine about a year and a half ago. They helped to take my son’s progress to a new level by concentrating on his unique needs and goals. They both have been wonderful support team for him and myself as his RDI coach. 

 I benefit tremendously from working with Wendy. She is great in assessing the situation and coming up with various solutions. She teaches me how to work with my son by breaking down complicated and overwhelming situations. In addition, she always has great examples and creative approaches.


Pennsylvania, U.S.A

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Wendy Groiss for almost 10 yeas as we made our way through the RDI program.  Wendy was with us right from the start and she clearly has a detailed of knowledge about the RDI program and how to help parents become guides to effectively deliver the program. Our son made great progress as a result of her direct intervention and support and she is a caring, compassionate individual who helped make us a better family.   She is a very effective leader of the program and I would highly recommend her not only to anyone thinking about joining the RDI program, but also anyone looking for insight into the field of Autism and early childhood development.


Alberta, Canada

Our family has been working with Wendy and the RDI program for 11 years.  We feel this parent oriented approach to autism remediation has brought a positive, interactive relationship back into our family dynamic.  The dynamic intelligence program has allowed us to address the complicated issues that arise as our child matures and becomes aware of the personal skills he will need for life as an independent adult. 

It has been a long, slow journey along the autism remediation path but Wendy has been a constant source of information and knowledge and has been able to keep us continually moving forward towards our long term goal of personal independence for our son.  We have also learned that no person is “too old” to make meaningful change in their lives and some issues cannot be addressed until an individual matures alongside their pier group.  After all, NO child is ready for adulthood before they hit elementary school.


British Columbia, Canada

我有一个9岁的儿子是唐氏綜合症。和自闭症的孩子比起来,他很愿意和人交往 但是不知道如何建立正确的人际关系。他 非常有自己的主意,这有好的一方面,也有坏的一方面。如何帮助儿子去建立正确的人际关系, 用正确的语言去表达他的想法,如何帮助他去面对这个复杂多变的世界,这一直是我想要去学习的方面。直到我了解了RDI干预方法,我知道这是一个非常正确适合我儿子的干预方法。

RDI 是训练家长来帮助孩子如何发展正确的人际关系。它是经验分享式的互动。通过在专业RDI认证咨询师的指导下,学习如何用肢体语言和经验分享的语言方式和孩子沟通,跟孩子建立师徒关系。 这种关系能够帮助孩子建立正确的思考方式,在游戏中激发孩子的创造力,在活动中建立愉快的记忆,通过这些方式帮助孩子学习正确的沟通。Mrs. Wendy Groiss 是具有十分丰富经验的RDI资深治疗师。她能够十分准确地观察出孩子的问题并且设计出相应的框架游戏。通过观看视频,她给我提出了切实可行的建议来帮助我能更好的和孩子互动。感谢Wendy 带领我重新学习和儿子建立正确的互动关系。

English Translation

I have a nine-year-old son with Down Syndrome. He is interested in communicating with other people, but he does not know how to build a proper relationship with them. He is also a strong willed boy who has his own ideas. Sometimes this is good, but sometimes it is bad. I urgently needed to learn how to help my son build good relationships with other people, communicate and express his ideas more effectively and interact more successfully in this dynamic world. Luckily I read a book about the RDI program.  I knew immediately that this was the right intervention for my son.

Under the instruction of a registered RDI consultant, parents learn how to communicate and support the development of  their children more successfully. RDI teaches parents how to help their kids build a good relationship with others. Under the instruction of a registered RDI consultant, parents learn how to communicate and support the development of  their children more successfully. Parents also learn how to support the development of meaningful communication. They learn how to use nonverbal communication more effectively and how to use more experience sharing language more often when talking with their children. 

Through my work in RDI I learned how to build a strong apprentice relationship with my son. RDI helped me build target his thinking process. It helped me unlock my child’s creativity and his thinking abilities. RDI also helped me learn how to help my son store important memories of success and pleasure. 

I learned a lot from working with Wendy. She is a senior RDI consultant with very rich experience. She observed and precisely identified my child’s challenges and then helped me design activity frameworks to successfully target his issues. 

Wendy watched video clips that showed my son and I engaging in targeted activities.  When we watched the videos, Wendy always gave me practical strategies that I could use to help me create a better interactive activity with my son. Thank -you Wendy for guiding me and teaching me learn how to build a stronger and more supportive working parent child relationship with my son.


Alberta, Canada

我是来自加拿大阿尔伯塔省的有一个患有自闭症的六岁孩子的妈妈。 我通过Wendy的讲座认识了RDI疗法,并且为我儿子选择了R DI作为一个主要的干预方法。

虽然我运用RDI疗法只有短短几个月时间, 但是我的孩子已经有了可见的进步。今年刚进kindergart en 时他从不与同学玩也不喜欢别人与他有肢体接触, 现在他能牵着同学的手一起蹦跑。通过RDI也使我与孩子的亲子关 系更亲密, 以前他从不会感激我为他做的任何事现在他会因为我给他做了一杯饮 料而给我一个拥抱。

我的咨询师Wendy是一个很有爱心和耐心的人。 她很迁就像我这样英语非母语的家长, 时常特别解释她的评论为了让我更好地理解。我的孩子也很喜欢她, 每次家访过后都会问我Wendy什么时候再来。

RDI也是一种便捷的干预方法。家长主要在家和咨询师网上培训, 把学到的游戏训练和孩子在日常生活中进行, 再拍摄视频给咨询师查看指导即可。 不需要带着孩子去特殊培训机构。 这对于有特殊需要的孩子也省去不少麻烦。

我很幸运在我孩子诊断后不久就认识了RDI疗法并运用它作为孩子 的主要干预训练,这让我看见了孩子的未来是有希望的!

English Translation

I learned about the RDI program when I attended one of Wendy’s  presentations about three years ago. My 6 year-old son had recently been diagnosed with autism, and after hearing Wendy’s talk, I decided to choose RDI as the main intervention for my son.

My son made significant and visible progress very quickly after I started doing RDI. When he first began attending kindergarten he did not like or want to play with others, and he did want to have any physical contact with any of the other kids. Soon after starting RDI he began wanting to hold his classmates’ hands and was more interested in joining in activities with others. Now, three years later, I see my son playing with his brother all the time. 

The RDI program has really helped me strengthen my relationship with my son. It has also taught me how to engage with him and guide his growth more successfully. Before we started RDI, it was hard for me to do things with my son. He always wanted to do things his way. My son was also not very affectionate, and he never showed me any appreciation when I did things for him. Now he is so different. He gives me hugs and makes me pictures, and he is interested in doing all sort of things with me and with other family members. RDI has also helped my son develop more confidence. He is now willing to try new things and does not give up as easily when things are hard. He has also become more flexible.

 Wendy and I have met weekly through Zoom video calls, and she has also come and met with my family in our home. Wendy is a very patient and caring person. Although English is my second language, Wendy takes the time to explain new concepts to me. I am comfortable asking her questions and after our calls, I always understand what I need to do.  If I don’t understand, I can call her and get more help. She is very flexible and always makes time for me. My son likes Wendy too.  He always asks, “When Wendy will come again?”

With Wendy’s support I have learned how to support my son’s growth, and I feel more confident in my ability to help him as he continues to grow and develop. I am grateful that I learned about RDI soon after my son was diagnosed and grateful that I chose it as the main intervention for my son. I am very hopeful about my child’s future because of the RDI program.


Alberta, Canada